European Advisory Board

The European Advisory Board is one of three bodies providing guidance on behalf of key world regions to IFMA’s global board of directors.

The group serves to counsel IFMA on matters that will enhance engagement of members in the region and support European IFMA chapters through knowledge, education, events and networking.

European Advisory Board members:

  • Chair: Jos Duchamps (Belgium)
  • Vice-Chair: Alfred Waschl (Austria)
  • Liaison to global board: Peter Ankerstjerne, MBA, COP, FRICS, IFMA Fellow (Denmark)
  • Liaison to IFMA Foundation: Erik Jaspers (Netherlands)
  • Erik Ahrsjö (Sweden)
  • Ricco Groeneveld (Netherlands)
  • Helena Ohlsson Skjeld, MSc Arch, Dipl. FM, CFM, IFMA Fellow (Sweden)
  • Marie Puybaraud, Ph.D. (France)
  • Ondrej Strup, IFMA Fellow (Czech Republic)
  • Ute Weber (Germany)
  • Jaime Pire (Spain)
European Advisory Board
Pictured (left to right) – Standing: Helena Ohlsson Skjeld, Ricco Groeneveld, Alfred Waschl, Peter Ankerstjerne, Maureen Ehrenberg (former chair, global board of directors), Tony Keane (former IFMA President and CEO), Jos Duchamps, Erik Ahrsjö, Lara Paemen (Director, IFMA Europe). Seated: Erik Jaspers, Bill O’Neill (former chair, global board of directors). Not pictured: Marie Puybaraud, Ondrej Strup, Ute Weber, Jaime Pire.