IFMA Europe Director Lara Paemen shares top 3 insights from World Workplace 2019

Thursday, November 21st, 2019

IFMA Europe members gather at Welcome Drink in Phoenix, Arizona

Last October 16 at World Workplace in Phoenix, Arizona, USA, some 40 European attendees gathered prior to the Welcome Drink. The meeting was a wonderful success celebrating the strength of the IFMA Europe community. At the event we spoke with IFMA Europe Director Lara Paemen who shared her top 3 insights from IFMA’s signature facility management conference in the USA.

1. Facility management evolves into a strategic business role

The facility management profession requires more knowledge than ever before. The industry is playing a broader, more strategic role in designing, building, maintaining and decommissioning facilities. Facility management is less about reducing costs and more about improving business. 

2. Collaboration between all workplace-related professions becomes more important

The global built environment industry will increasingly collaborate. All workplace-related professions contribute to smarter, more efficient, healthier and safer facilities across the planet. An example of this increased collaboration is a typical digital transformation process that requires teamwork from business, technology and facilities experts.

3. Facility management will further impact human resources and employer branding

Workplace health and well-being used to be core responsibilities at a company’s human resources department. Now the facilities industry sees an evolution towards employer branding and human resources because workplaces are crucial to attract, retain and motivate employees.