IFMA prepares the ground for EU funds for FM as part of the Renovation Wave strategy

Thursday, December 17th, 2020

New energy performance standards for… old buildings.

On October 14 the Commission released its Renovation Wave strategy that outlines the regulatory and funding actions needed to accelerate the renovation rate of the EU’s existing buildings. While previous legislation was mainly focused on new buildings, this Strategy now looks at how it can make existing buildings more energy efficient.

New regulations come with additional EU funds

  • The Commission is going to update the EU rules on minimum energy performance standards for existing buildings through yet another revision of the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive. It is the ambition of the Commission to ensure that all buildings – old and new – comply with minimum energy performance standards. In this regard, IFMA will continue to advocate for the role of facility managers in advising architects, contractors and home builders on the expected energy performance of a given building, including all renovation projects. IFMA will continue to engage with the Commission and request that facility managers are formally involved in any renovation project.
  • The Commission also sees great value in integrating building automation technologies in order to achieve optimized energy performance. For that to happen, the workforce in the built environment will need to become digitally-ready and skilled for the purpose of managing the building technologies. The Commission will work with Member States through the Skills Agenda and its upcoming Pact for Skills that will bring together private and public stakeholders with the aim of of up- and reskilling Europe’s workforce. IFMA is continuously asking the EU decision-makers, including through the Build Up Skills Initiative, to ensure that future EU funding will be allocated to training programmes for building professionals to boost know-how and workers’ skills in the renovation sector. This will be crucial for facility managers in order to continue to be equipped with the right knowledge tools to accompany the integration and operation of smart building technologies.